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Is Analingus Safe?

It's important to ask yourself, is analingus safe? Just like you should be asking yourself is anal sex or regular sex safe with your partner. The answer is yes, if you are vigilant and fully aware of anal sex dangers.

The first thing most people think of when wondering is analingus safe, is the possibility of infection through contaminated fecal matter. This can happen, especially if the receiver is unwell or has a low immune system or immune deficiency. The other concern is STI's.

If both partners are in good health and in a true monogamous relationship, the chance of contracting anything is quite low. However, to avoid any of these possible anal sex dangers, learn how to practice safe sex, and make yourself aware of the risks of analingus as listed below.


Digestive track bacteria, is actually a good bacteria that is perfectly normal in all of us and its important job is to assist with the breaking down of food during digestion. However, there can also be bad bacteria that can be absorbed in to the stool and can be found in and around the anus. If this unhealthy bacteria, is spread during oral contact it can cause infections that can make you pretty sick. These can include:

Hepatits A

Hepatitis A is an acute infectious disease of the liver that is transmitted by oral contact of fecal matter from an infected person. The symptoms can include fever, fatigue, abdominal pain and jaundice. It can be contracted through sexual rimming or simply through contact when a contaminated person has touched the toilet, or other objects that they may have handled. The disease can be prevented by vaccination, or by careful hand washing.

E Coli

E Coli is commonly found in the lower intestine and its primary job is to assist with digestion. It can however be found in and around the anus and although it is a rare disease, when in contact with the giver it can cause an infection that can make you very ill. E coli symptoms can include severe diahrrea, chronic stomach cramps, gas and vomiting.

Intestinal Parasites

Intestinal Parasites live in the small or large intestine and survive by sponging off the stool or blood from the intestinal wall. These nasty little buggers can be contracted through fecal matter and cause severe stomach pain, nausea, diahrrea and fever.



HIV is usually at the forefront of people's minds when having sex and analingus should be no different. The risk of contracting HIV through sexual rimming is possible as HIV is typically spread through blood to blood contact and as the delicate anal tissue is subject to bleeding, (particularly if the receiver has hemmoroids), it can be transmitted to the giver if they have a minor injury, such as bleeding gums.


Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that can occur in your mouth, throat, urethra, anus or vagina. It is very easily spread through bodily fluids, which means that it is possible for a person with oral gonorrhea to transmit it to the anus they are licking. Oral symptoms can include a sore throat, vaginal symptoms can include a yellowish vaginal discharge, burning or frequent urination and itching of the vaginal area. Anal symptoms can include anal discharge or bloody bowel movements.


Syphilis is also a bacterial disease but it is spread through broken skin or mucous membranes. Transmission is possible if either person has an active lesion in their mouth or anus. Syphilis has three stages; primary, secondary and tertiary. Symptoms vary depending on the diseases stage but can include, painless sores that develop at the infected area (which can be difficult to detect if they are inside the anus or cervix.) swollen lymph nodes, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite or rash.


Herpes is a virus that is spread through skin to skin contact and can be transmitted through sexual rimming from an infected anus or an infected mouth. The problem with anal herpes is that it can be difficult to tell if you even have them when they are often confused for hemorrhoids or anal fissure having very similar symptoms. Significant symptoms to herpes include swollen lymph nodes, fever, headache, muscles ache, a burning sensation in the infected area, lower back pain and a recurrence of symptoms.



The best way to protect your self from any of these possible anal sex dangers is to be very vigilant before, during and even after analingus. You can do this by washing thoroughly before sex. Bathing with your partner is even better as it not only ensures you are both sparkling clean, it is also an excellent start to foreplay and you should be having plenty of foreplay before engaging in any form of anal penetration. Ensure you meticulously wash your anus in and around the skin with warm soapy water. Take care that you do use too much force to rub or wipe this area it will only damage the delicate skin and become sensitive to touch. Then ensure after analingus, that you rinse your mouth thoroughly with an anti septic mouthwash.

Dental Dams

Dental dams can also be a consideration for protecting yourself against infection. Originally used by dentists to sustain a sanitary work place, they are now quite commonly used during vaginal and anal oral sex. Dental dams are usually made from latex and are used by placing them between the vagina and mouth or the anus or mouth. Although this may seem quite sterile for an otherwise extremely intimate sex act, using a dental dam can not only offer you protection but also perhaps the confidence you need to get over any stigma of licking your partners bum. If you are willing to try this method of protection you could also try using a cut condom to place between your women seeking ass fucking mouth and your partners rear.


There are two types of enemas you can use for absolute peace of mind when it comes to getting as clean as you absolutely possibly can before sexual rimming or anal sex. The first is an oral enema which is a laxative that will absolutely clear your gut and eliminate any possibility of having a near miss or finding any rogue pieces of fecal matter. It is usually taken either the day or night before a planned anal sex session.

The other type of enema involves a nozzle that is inserted in to the anus, which is connected to a bottle of water. On your hands and knees you gently squeeze the bottle to fill your rectum with water. After a few minutes, you then sit on the toilet and the water is drained out. This is actually a very healthy, and common way of cleaning your colon and is excellent for rinsing the rectum and anal canal. Enema's can be purchased over the counter at most pharmacies.

When wondering, is analingus safe, or even how safe if anal sex, think about all of the above anal sex advice, and also the type of relationship you have with your partner. If it's a relationship of open communication and genuine concern for each other's well being, then with the right precautions, you should be able to enjoy analingus safely as you do any other sex.

By: Jane L

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